MVA Newsletter 2018 – edition number 20

Marconi Reunion 1930

From David Jervis, March 2017

I was carrying out some research into the life of my beloved Grandfather, Captain Henry Joseph Round MC, and came across your website. I was delighted to see that the work of Marconi, with whom my Grandfather worked very closely, was being kept very much alive. I thought you might like to know that hanging on a wall in my house is a marvellous photo labelled ‘Marconi Third Annual Reunion Dinner’ at the Holborn Restaurant on November 14th 1930. The photo features about fifty people with a line of 13 standing , including Marconi, my Grandfather and his great friend CS Franklin. Maybe you have a copy of this photo among your records but I felt compelled to make contact with you. I am so pleased that your organisation appears to be thriving.

Kind regards,
David Jervis
(eldest son of H J Round’s youngest daughter, Anne)

No we didn’t have a copy of of it, so David Jervis kindly made a high quality scan of his original and sent it to us, together with the photo of Henry Round in his lounge. On the wall, above his right shoulder, the reunion photograph.

Seen working in his London laboratory, 83-year-old Captain H J Round has recently been carry out a series of experiments for the Company on the distribution of sound energy on a plate

Left, from the May 1964 edition of ‘The Marconi Companies and Their People’ a photo of H J Round with the picture’s original caption.