MVA Newsletter 2018 – edition number 20

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Dedham Church

Shameless use of our bound volumes of ‘The Marconi Companies and Their People, what would we do without them, because I had more awkward-to-fit items for fourteen pages, but not enough for sixteen – and anyway, it’s a nice, tranquil Essex scene, so why not.  It’s from the January 1966 edition.
(Photo by Charles Seeley)

Fourteen and sixteen does, of course refer to the paper edition of the Newsletter




Church to have Marconi Marine equipment

One piece of Marconi Marine equipment which is destined never to catch sight or sound of the seven seas is an ‘Elettra’ sound reinforcement system which is to be fitted in one of East Anglia’s oldest and most handsome churches, the fifteenth-century parish church of St. Mary-the-Virgin at Dedham.

The church, which was founded by wealthy wool merchants of the small town when it was a flourishing centre for the industry, is having micro­phones fitted in the pulpit, lectern and vicar’s stall to feed two sound column loudspeakers, providing sound reinforcement to the nave, and two smaller loudspeakers in the west wing. Because of the inten­sive work done by technicians, the equipment will in no way intrude upon the beauty of the interior fabric or the lovely oak columned roofing.

The fine pinnacled and battlemented tower of the church figures in many of the paintings of the Stour Valley by the great landscape artist John Constable.