MVA Newsletter 2018 – edition number 20

Sydney Eric Jones

The items in the photo belonged to Sydney Eric Jones, who served in the Merchant Navy all his life chiefly as a Radio Officer, and including both World Wars.  When he died in 1987 he left a number of items from his days at sea, which were clearly important reminders and mementos for him, to his nieces who have kindly donated them to the association and they will be passed to Tim Wander for custodianship at the Sandford Mill Museum.

The photo shows:
Marconi Retirement Certificate for 40 years service
Marconi Veterans Register 1905-54
Marconi Veterans lapel badge
Certificate of Proficiency in Radiotelegraphy 1st Class/April 1929
Certificate of Efficiency as a Lifeboatman/April 1929
Certificate Merchant Navy Radar 1st Class/July 1946
Certificate of Maintenance of Radar Equipment on Merchant Ships/April 1949
Cunard White Star/Mariner ID Pass/New York 1944
Continuous Certificates of Discharge – three books from 1918 to 1962(when he retired)
Six medals, full and dress size from WW1 and WW2

Before passing on these mementos we are doing a little more research on Sidney Jones.  He joined Marconi Marine in 1917 but did not embark on his first ship until 1918.  We assume that this period was spent at a Marconi Radio College.  A record of this should be in the Liverpool Maritime Museum but this is closed until October for renovation. We also know from his niece that he is buried in Clacton Cemetery and will photograph the grave to add to the record. Webmaster.