MVA Newsletter 2018 – edition number 20

Fred Kime

From Alan Matthews

In 1951 Fred Kime joined Radar Development Group (RDG) in Broomfield having worked on aircraft Avionics and Radar in the RAF at the end of the war (some time in Burma with RAF No 181 Signals Wing maintaining Rebecca-Eureka systems). The RDG developed new radar products mainly for sale to foreign governments and Fred Kime was a Section Leader in the display design area. The group moved to Baddow Research in 1959 and was amalgamated with the British Government Radar design teams there.
Fred then took on a new role and became an advisor to the Sales and Marketing department, travelling extensively for over 10 years throughout the world discussing Air Defence and Air Traffic control systems with potential Customers. He then ran a Systems Sales department before eventually becoming Manager of the Radar Systems department at Writtle Road Works with a staff of over 100 engineers.

Valuable and wise contributions were made by Fred to the procurement of many large contracts for Radar Systems abroad, even though he usually worked quietly but very effectively in the background, using his great wisdom to keep sometimes difficult situations carefully under control.
He retired in 1988 and was greatly admired and respected for his great technical knowledge, honesty, integrity, patience and kindness to others.

From Ian Gillis

My youth was spent in the age where it was still cool to have a technologist as one’s hero – mine was Sir William Penney, the AERE/UKAEA nuclear guru.
When I joined MWT Co. after two years in the RAF working on the Console 64 system at RAF Boulmer I was amazed to meet a key engineer for its ‘legacy’ (the SD1000 Fixed Coil Display System) – Frederick William Kime.

Here was a new hero for me – but a hero that was kind, considerate, approachable and supportive, as well as being a technical superman. Not given to excessive frivolity or flights of fancy – not for nothing was he sometimes called ‘Gloomy Fred’ – here was an engineer with his feet firmly placed on extensive experience, whose judgement could always be trusted.
He will be greatly missed.