MVA Newsletter 2018 – edition number 20

Marconi Heritage Group

Alan Hartley-Smith

Following the final nail in the coffin for any use of space at Hall Street with the granting of another planning permission for additional flats there are now no former company sites in which a physical centre could be located.  So since the Exhibition in 2016 there has been little heritage activity other than participation in the touring Titanic event in the Bond Street centre and the work being undertaken at Sandford Mill by the curatorial and volunteer teams, which is however going from strength to strength with restoration work of television cameras and preparations for the commemorations of wireless broadcasting in 2020 and 2022.

That said there has been considerable progress in the virtual world with the buildup of content on the series of online wikis (see below*), which now number twelve covering all activities carried out by the Company in its many manifestations from origination to demise. As they become suitable these are being made open to public view, are attracting attention from a wide range of inquirers and are also establishing links with other similar operations in related areas. So it may be that the electronic technologies stemming from the historic ideas and work of Marconi and his early team, and then developed into the industries of the present by the many people following in their footsteps, will be the principal bearers and presenters of past personal and practical records into the future.

One tiny glimmer on the far horizon: it transpires that Chelmsford City Council are setting up a Cultural Development Trust and have appointed a group of the good and the great as trustees so we have taken steps to inform them and to highlight Marconi’s legacy in Chelmsford.

* Find the Home page of the family histories at: <>