MVA Newsletter 2018 – edition number 20

Marconi Veterans website domain (name) changes

Chris Gardiner, Webmaster

When the MVA website was set up in 2004 the company wished to retain some control and Marconi Corporation plc registered the domain names ‘’ and ‘’ on behalf of the MVA. The Marconi technical administrators were located in Atlanta, Georgia. There followed a long and convoluted story involving ourselves, Atlanta and Ericsson Sweden, and four domain names: ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, and ‘’ wjth Ericsson Sweden having a continued proprietary interest in ‘’

To cut a long story short, that led to the current position where we can use any one from the above four: legally, Ericsson can ask for the return of the domain ‘’ should they ever wish to use it.

Those of you who view the website regularly will have noticed that the page layout has changed. This was forced upon us because the old theme, which we had been using for at least 5 years, was no longer supported and would not work with the latest version of WordPress.  We are now using a 2017 theme which has a lot more possibilities for elegant layouts and for adding extra facilities (if the webmaster can sort them all out!) and works much better for those viewing the site on a smart phone or tablet.