Newsletter 2000

Can You Help?

In the Moulsham area of Chelmsford, MWTCo had a very high wireless mast which was situated partly in Roman Road and partly in Mildmay Road. We are anxious to obtain photographs of the mast and any hut which was close by. If you have a photograph, the Editor would be pleased if he could make a copy. Alternatively, if you know of any documentation on this mast, please send this to the Editor. The mast was associated with the MWTCo factory on the corner of Hall Street and Mildmay Road.

Before the 1939-45 War a series of Cigarette Cards was issued by Sunripe Cigarettes. The series was entitled Wireless Telephony and depicted many aspects of early equipments. Do you have any of these cards in your possession. The Editor would be pleased to hear from you if this is the case.