Newsletter 2000

Year 2001 Re-Union

robbieThis will take place on Saturday April 21st at 12 noon for 1 p.m. at The Marconi Athletic & Social Club, Beehive Lane. Your Committee has elected Robbie Robertson as President. Robbie was at one time Managing Director of the old Marconi Communication Systems at New Street before he was seconded to GEC Coventry. He is now retired but still acts as a Consultant to Marconi Communications Coventry and carries out a number of Management Training programmes for them. Robbie has been a keen supporter of The Marconi Veterans Association for many years and we welcome him as our President. This year is a very important one in the history of Marconi’s. We will be celebrating the Centenary of the first wireless message across the Atlantic by our Founder. We anticipate many celebrations throughout the world will recognise this placemat2001famous event.  Already coasters, which will be available at the Re-Union, are designed commemorating the 1901 achievement.

Guest of Honour will be Sir Ian Vallance, Chief Executive of British Telecom. Our Secretary will be sending out ticket applications for the Re-Union early in the New Year. To ensure you get a ticket, make sure you send in your application and cash as soon as you receive the details.