Newsletter 2000

Forthcoming Anniversaries

The following is a list of Anniversaries in the Marconi Calendar.

1901 Atlantic Ocean spanned for the first time by Wireless. First British Merchant Vessel “SS Lake Champlain” equipped with Wireless Telegraphy. Marconi established a public wireless telegraph service between the five principal islands in the Hawaiian group.

1902 Transmission of signals from Poldhu Cornwall to Marchese Marconi on “SS Philadelphia” over a distance of 700 miles by day and 2,000 miles at night.

1903 Royal interest was shown in Wireless Telegraphy when Prince and Princess of Wales visited Poldhu to see the Marconi experiments.

1904 Wireless News message service for liners at-sea inaugurated. Also this was the year Ambrose Fleming designed the first thermionic valve.

1905 Marconi introduces Directional Aerials for Transmitting Stations.

1906 Trinity House Lightships equipped with Marconi products. Australia and New Zealand show interest in Marconi products for Wireless Communication to Tasmania and some of the smaller islands.

1906 Clifden (Ireland) and Glace Bay (Canada) stations opened for limited public transatlantic telegraph service.