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This new book has been published by authors Paul Hawkins and Paul Reyland.

This is the story of two radio communication stations built by Marconi in Essex, a receiving station at Brentwood and a transmitting station at Ongar. The stations were established to provide European and international wireless telegraph services, initially to Berne, Paris and Madrid. Services commenced in 1922 and telegrams were transmitted and received in Morse code at around 100 words per minute. The stations operated in the long wave band and the transmitters and receivers utilised the latest in valve technology. 

This book can be purchased for £8.99 (plus postage unless you have a Prime account) on-line at Amazon.

It is also available from the Chelmsford Market on the ‘A Bit of Everything’ stall (tools, books and ephemera) on Thursdays only - at the same price.

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