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Dear Fellow Member,
First, let me wish all Veteran and Associate Members a healthy and safe 2023.
Since cancellation of the 2020 Reunion, the Reunion date has finally been able to be moved back to the normal April timeslot (near or on Marconi’s birthday).

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all new members to the Association and hope to see you at the Annual Reunion, which will be held on Saturday 22nd April, 2023 and will be our 86th Reunion.

Once again, Pontlands Park will be hosting the Reunion. As those of you who attended last year will know, the venue is in a pleasant rural setting with ample parking for those who travel by road and a bus service within walking distance.

There will be various displays and the merchandise table will, again, be located in the dining area. There will be plenty of time to enjoy meeting up with other attendees until it is time for the luncheon.

This will take place, as usual, at 1.00 p.m. with the Annual General Meeting and the Raffle concluding the proceedings. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to ring me - contact details here.

After the introduction of a Card Reader last year, Attendees will be able to make purchases of merchandise by Credit or Debit Card. However, please remember to bring cash for the raffle tickets.

We are, again, producing a commemorative Coaster and one per person is included in the ticket price. There will also be additional coasters, for sale, plus some coasters from previous years as well as a number of Ties and Badges.

Our President for 2023 is Veteran Chris Neale.

Our Honoured Guest is Alan Pamphilon.

This year, we have chosen the following from the caterer’s menu: -

  • Traditional prawn cocktail
  • Roast rump of garlic and rosemary lamb, redcurrant jus
  • Vegetarian/Vegan Option - Beetroot and red onion tart tartin
  • (All served with Chef’s choice of seasonal vegetables and potatoes)
  • Profiteroles with toffee sauce
  • Coffee and mints

We appreciate that some attendees may have special dietary requirements and would request that you indicate this on your application. We are able to cater for most requirements.

As usual, Associate Members are invited to the Reunion. However, they are not permitted to vote at the A.G.M.

We are delighted to report that the costs of the Reunion meal and Subscriptions are unchanged from last year.Veterans will continue to benefit from a reduced price of £34.00, whereas Associates will be asked to pay £39.00. I am sure you will agree that this is excellent value for a three-course meal with tea/coffee.

Subscriptions will remain at £8.00 per annum (£5.00 for Associates).

Although we have kept the prices for the 2023 Reunion at the 2022 levels, this has only been achieved by the Association subsidising the event this year.

Saturday is a premium day for booking all venues and we are considering moving the Reunion from a Saturday to a Friday or Sunday lunchtime. A question about this has been added to both the on-line form and paper form. The 2024 reunion date will be around the 20th April.

Those who wish to attend are requested to apply as possible but not later than Friday 7th April 2023. We regret having to set this early deadline but it is a requirement of our caterers.

Click here for details on how to apply for the Reunion and Subscription

To reduce administration, please combine your ticket price, subscription, etc. into a single payment.

Reminder: All attendees will be required to pay for their own drinks.

Please note that it is not acceptable for attendees to bring their own drink or food into the venue. Please refrain from this practice as anyone doing so may be asked to leave the Reunion and could be refused a ticket in the future. Any required drinks must be purchased from the bar.

Your assistance is requested with the seating arrangements, and we ask you to indicate, on your application, with which Company you would prefer to sit (i.e. Comms, Mobile, Radar, Baddow, Basildon, Marine, MI).

We are compiling a list of forenames and nicknames in an effort to make the various lists less formal and enable people to distinguish between colleagues with similar initials. With regard to the name tags, 2022 arrangements seemed to work quite well so we will, again, produce the name tags on A4 sheets which will be at the merchandise table so you can collect your label and ticket as you enter the Reunion area. When you order your ticket, please indicate, in the box provided, how you would like your tag to read. If you attended the Reunion in 2022, it will read the same, otherwise, THE DEFAULT WILL BE TO PRINT YOUR NAME AS IT APPEARS ON THE FIRST LINE OF YOUR ADDRESS LABEL.
So, please fully complete the Subscription/Ticket application form

We are, as usual, inviting entries for the ‘Absent Friends’ book, containing messages from Members who were unable to attend. Two copies will be produced and prominently displayed at the Reunion. If you wish to place a message in the book, please use the space provided on the enclosed form. Entries will be identified by name but no contact details will be provided unless you include them within the message area. This facility is also available on this website.

Your Management Committee is prepared to receive any nominations, propositions or suggestions for submission to the Annual General Meeting providing they reach me in writing by 31st March 2023.

We now have over 110 ‘Associate Members of the Marconi Veterans’ Association’ and would be pleased to welcome more. If you know of anyone who would like to attend the Reunion, or just receive the newsletter, please urge them to contact me, at the above address, as soon as possible. Alternatively, please take one of the information leaflets which will be available at the merchandise desk.

I am often not informed when a Veteran or Associate dies, and in these circumstances, I would like to extend my condolences to members of the families who receive this letter and apologise for any distress or inconvenience caused. Should you be aware of any Veterans or Associates who have passed away recently, I would appreciate it if you would let me know so that I can amend our records and avoid any future embarrassment.

We trust that you will accept this letter as a very cordial invitation to attend the Eighty-Sixth Reunion, but if, for any reason, you cannot be with us, the Management Committee would like to take this opportunity to once again wish you the very best of luck and good health for the future.

Finally, one for your future diary, the 2024 Reunion will be around 20th April 2024.

I look forward to seeing you at the 86th Reunion on 22nd April 2023.

Click here for details on how to apply for the Reunion and Subscription

With kindest regards
I am yours sincerely
Veteran Colin Fletcher