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ZOOM is a popular app to allow a multi user video conference. It is now being used for some video conferences / presentations / meetings as it caters for more than 100 users.
It is similar to Skype - but Skype is not suitable for multiple users.

  • ZOOM seems to work on most devices: Windows 10 / 8 / 7, Chromebook, Linux (eg. Ubuntu and Mint), Android (tablets and phones), Apple (Mac, iPhone, iPad).
  • You do NOT need to set up your own account - only the host person needs an account. You will simply select JOIN (not sign in).
  • The Host will send you (or it is on the web site) a link. When you click on this the application will be automatically downloaded to your device (if you do not already have it installed) and you will be signed in (assuming the meeting has started).
  • IF you already have ZOOM installed on your device you can open ZOOM then type in the meeting number and password (if required).
  • Generally smart phones, tablets, laptops have built in cameras and microphones but desktop PC's may not. However you can plug in a USB web cam to provide both the camera and microphone (this is the best solution if you are attending a meeting).
  • It is not essential for you to have a camera, also if you wish you can switch your camera off if you are listening to a presentation..
  • If you do not have a microphone you will still be able to see the conference/meeting, but not join in. In practice if this is a presentation they usually want you to mute your microphone anyway.
  • If you are in a meeting and need to join in, and you cannot 'use computer audio' as you do not have a microphone, you may be able to join via a specific telephone number given by the host (this does depend on if the host has a paid for account, also the phone call may be expensive).

Click here for ZOOM download site

NOTE: if you have an Android device you find Zoom in the Google Play Store, or an iPhone Zoom is in the App Store.